Spoiling Your Mother Couldn't Be Easier!
Elle Salon has added some new packages just in time for gift giving for the special woman in your life!

Here is a list of our signature Salon Service Packages: (Click here for full descriptions)

  • Relaxed and Manicured $133
  • Refined and Polished $155
  • Completely Pampered $203
  • Out on the Town $122
  • Heavenly Foot Massage $45

Do you want to purchase services separately? Choose from:

Let us know if you need assistance choosing the right gift package for the special lady in your life. Don't forget that you can purchase an Instant Gift Certificate so Mom can choose her favorite service.
Spring Salon Education
Last month, Elle, Amber and Liz spent the day in Philadelphia at the The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Philadelphia!

We went to explore new services that we wanted to learn more about as possible services to offer at Elle Salon. We learned about LED Light Therapy, Facial Cupping and Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is the process of "shaving off", or exfoliating, dead skin cells and the peach fuzz facial hair so that facial products can be delivered into the skin -- no cutting involved (stay tuned for more about this treatment in a future newsletter!)

Although Light Stimulation Therapy and Cupping have been used in the beauty industry for a while, both treatments have become more well known because of celebrities like the Kardashians. Instagram has given a boost to both therapies as well. We are adding both of these services to our menu, and here is more information about each:

LED Light Stimulation Therapy:
Different colored LED lights have different healing properties for the skin. Blue helps with removing bacteria (acne bacteria) from the skin; White helps with tightening and reduces inflammation; Amber or Red Light is used to reduce inflammation and promote circulation. This therapy is great for anyone looking for improved facial skin for a big event or for someone who wants the perfect selfie! Ronni Scher  

We are most interested in using the Amber Light in our skin care services. The Amber Light helps with anti-aging and reducing inflammation, Rosacea and acne. The Amber Light is applied to your face during your mask and can be an add-on service to a facial treatment. This service can also be performed as a stand alone treatment. After a few treatments, skin is smoother, less inflamed and glowy. Light Stimulation Therapy is available now at Elle Salon! Click here for pricing on our Face Care page!
Facial and Body Cupping: This therapy, a form of acupuncture, uses glass and plastic suction cups on your skin to promote cell repair/regeneration and blood circulation. Cupping gently pulls skin away from deeper layers of fascia. This minor vacuum-like suction separates the different layers of tissues resulting in micro-trauma and tearing. This triggers an anti-inflammatory response, flooding the area with white blood cells and other healing bodily aids.

Facial cupping has been shown to: increase oxygen-rich blood circulation; strengthen skin and connective tissues, stimulate cells responsible for collagen production and reduce muscle tension with no bruising. The results? Brighter skin, improvement of fine lines, scars and wrinkles, toning of the chin, jawline and neck, and decreasing puffiness and improving nutrient delivery and product absorption. This is the reason why Cupping is often combined with other skin treatments such as facials. Cupping cannot be used on clients who have had Botox or fillers.

Body Cupping
Body cupping is a technique similar to facial cupping, only using larger cups that are applied to your back or large muscle groups for tension release and muscle healing. Body Cupping clients will experience some bruising. This is caused by skin being sucked in the cup to potentially break capillaries and increase circulation. We also will be offering Dynamic body cupping in which the cups are kept moving during the treatment to minimize any bruising. (Elle's Favorite!) Ask about these new services as an add-on to your massage with Liz! Click here to view these add-on services and pricing on our Massage page.
Balayage Education
Sam and Katybeth attended a class in April at TruBeauty in Southhampton PA to learn the latest balayage techniques.

They learned different ways to do balayage that include prepping before tease highlights and money shot highlights around the face. They also learned the proper techniques for how to do a root smudge over highlights.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account for photos of their balayage work on clients!
Hand-tied Hair Extensions Education Session!
Allison just returned from North Carolina! Elle Salon sent her to a workshop on hand-tied hair extensions. She is NOW officially certified to offer this service!

Elle Salon has been researching this type of extension service for over a year and decided on Free Spirited Hair for this education and training. They did not disappoint!

What are hand-tied extension? Hand-tied hair extensions are similar to a beaded wefts technique. But, hand-tied hair extensions cover more surface area on your head. This technique uses your natural hair to build the rows across your head that the wefts are then weaved or sewn onto. Because hand-tied is a thinner application, it lays more flat giving a more natural look. However, the wefts are larger and cover a larger area. Because it is thinner but covers better, there is less weight on your natural hair. The overall process of adding hand-tied extensions can be 2.5 to 5 hours depending if a color service is needed as well, but you will enjoy these extensions for 8-12 months. Maintenance appointments will be needed every 6 to10 weeks.

For more information on hand-tied extensions and to see how beautifully flat the extensions (weft) lay in this process, visit freespirtiedhair on Instagram.

Hand-tied hair extensions are another service that will be added within the next couple of months at Elle Salon! We will keep you posted!!
Add Aroma Therapy to one of your treatments!
We are excited to add aromatherapy and aroma oils to our spa services. This treatment can be added to hand massages given during facial treatments and regular full-body massages on request. Click here for pricing.

We have the following oils available for our facial and massage treatments:
Wild Orange; Tangerine, Lavender. Deep Blue, Breathe and Balance (are combination oils)
Weddings & Proms!
It's the season for special occasions. We can help you get ready for your special day! Check out our Instagram page for ideas on hair, make-up and upstyles.

If you are considering a new hairstyle for your event, speak to your stylist about semi-permanent and quick-clip-in hair extensions.

We have the perfect nail colors for your upcoming wedding.

These OPI Gel Colors are perfect for the occasion: Throw Me A Kiss, Baby Take a Vow and Ring Bare-er
New Products
Osmosis Nourish - Organic Face Oil
The harmonious benefits from rich nutrients and cold-pressed, organic avocado oil hydrates and rebalances deep into the dermal layer of the skin to protect from moisture loss and environmental aggressors. Achieve luminosity, brilliant radiance, and a smooth complexion with this organic facial oil.

This product is used in our facial cupping services that allow the ingredients to be driven in while your face is being massaged with facial cups.

Save 20% on Nourish facial oil with any Osmosis Facials in May! Call the Salon to schedule.
Zoya's Summer Collection is here!
The Barefoot Collection has an assortment of bright, cheerful shades to subdued shimmering neutrals. Enjoy lazy summer days with some of these beautiful colors.
Kiara Sky Summer Nail Dip Colors
You are going to LOVE our Kiara Sky nail dip colors for summer:

  • Vega Strip
  • Irredplacable
  • Rural St. Pink
  • Take Me to Paradise
  • Out on the Town

Schedule your manicure today!
FHF Coconut Creme Shea Butter
Coconut Cream Shea Butter is deliciously scented with notes of heavy cream & fresh coconut. The supple butters and vitamin E-packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin.

This cream is thick and luscious but leaves no greasy feel on skin. It smells like coconut beach drinks! You will love it!

Stop by the salon to pick some up.
Simply The Best
Harrisburg Area Salon!
Elle Salon recently received a nomination for Simply the Best 2019 -- Harrisburg Magazine.

We would LOVE it if you took a moment to vote for Elle Salon to support our amazing and talented staff! Thank you!
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