A Look Back at Last Year
Well, this year was far from normal and it is ending like nothing we could have every predicted. What a year it has been!

Here’s a look back at some of the things we accomplished. Even though we hunkered down in shutdown for a few months, we were getting things accomplished both professionally and personally.

Salon Improvements / Changes
COVID forced us to take a creative look at how we used our space. We expanded the Salon into extra space in other parts of our building to adhere to the spacing requirements and the 50% capacity rule. This helped us get caught up on everyone who had scheduled appointments that were missed during our closure.  We wanted to have more tools to help us during our operational change so we moved forward with rolling out MEEVO2 Cloud-based Salon Software. We never anticipated how this software would assist us with all the administrative/check in process changes we needed to implement in 2020. MEEVO2 made booking on or offline more streamlined. We also implemented an internet-based phone system that incorporates text messaging. This has also been invaluable in effectively communicating with our clients.

New Staff
In the Fall, we welcomed Caity Mae and her client following to Elle Salon. She introduced us to new nail techniques and other beauty services, many of which have already been incorporated into our service offerings.

New Services in 2020
We introduced some new services that have been very well received by our clients:
•   Brow Lamination and Tinting
•   Luminary Gel System
•   Après Gel-X nails
Education / Certifications during Shutdown
Staying home offered the opportunity for lots of online training! Jess completed Part 1 of Volume Lashing remotely and completed Part 2 in person. Kimmy and Kariann participated in an Osmosis skincare class online. Katybeth, Allison, Jess, Lauren and Alyse watched a Covet and Mane hair extension coloring class, and Amber and the front desk staff attended a video training for the MEEVO2 Salon software.

Education and certifications during the year included:
  • Jess & Alyse’s completion of Babe Hand Tied Extension certification
  • Kimmy began offering Lash Lift services
  • Lauren was certified as a Level 1 Deva Stylist (special technique for cutting wavy or curly hair)
  • Jess received her volume lash certificate
  • Kimmy was Brow Lamination certified
  • All the staff at Elle Salon received their Barbicide Covid-19 Certification through online training, showing our dedication to infection control in the salon.

How we survived the year ...

Show us your ROOTS Contest was a fun way to recognize clients who waited patiently for their color appointments when we reopened.

ZOOM… Our staff spent quite a bit of time together on Zoom and stayed connected and shared what they kept busy with while the salon was closed due to the State’s mandate. During their time off, they explored a wide range of activities, from extra online salon education, to biking, outdoor time, crafting, photography, family time and more.

YOU... You helped us through this crazy year! We are grateful for all your patience with us as we navigated through the constant change in regulations and curb-side check in processes. Thank you!

Below is a very small sample of our Staff's incredible work this year, even with the restrictions that were placed on them. Each and everyone of them rose to to the occasion during this unprecedented time with integrity and strength! We definitely want to give a huge shout out to our front desk team (Amber, Val, Kimmy and Diana), who made every transaction as seamless as possible. They Rock!

Here’s to a healthy year ahead with some "back to normal" in 2021!
Hair Extensions
Hair Color/Cut
Lash Extensions
Brow Lamination
Lash Lift and Tint
Nail Designs
Another Brow Lamination Certified Stylist!
Last month Kimmy became Brow Lamination certified! She is very excited to offer this extremely popular service to anyone seeking fuller looking brows with definition. Brow Lamination is perfect to control unruly brow hair. You may also add a tint service to give a fuller/thicker appearance.
Pictured is a before and after of a Brow Lamination and Tint, as well as, a full set of Classic lashes by Kimmy! What a transformation!
Lash Extension January Special
Lash Extension Special!
For the month of January we will offer $50 off all Hybrid-mixed classic/volume, Volume and Mega Full Sets! This offer applies to Caity Mae, Kariann, Jess, and Lauren.
Kimmy is offering $50 off on a full set of Classic lashes (note: you will need to schedule two future fill appointments with her to receive this discount.)

Look for Last Minute Luxuries
What is Last Minute Luxuries?
If you haven't started following us on Facebook, or Instagram, we encourage you to do that so you don't miss any Last Minute Luxury Announcements.

During slower times of the year (usually the winter months), Elle Salon may announce Last Minute Luxury opportunities on social media. Last Minute Luxuries offer you the opportunity to save on a specific service with one of our staff, as long as you book on the day of the Last Minute Luxury Sale.

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Baby Foot --
A Product to Try this Winter!
Baby Foot is a foot "peel" that promises to rid your soles of the toughest, roughest calluses and reveal the softest feet you've had since, like, birth!

It really works! But you will have ugly feet for 2 weeks as the dead skin peels away!

We have Baby Foot in stock at Elle Salon!
Winter FarmHouse Fresh Spa Pedi/Manis
FarmHouse Fresh
Heavenly Holiday Meltdown
Spa Pedi/Mani
BEST ENJOYED: Sipping cappuccino, with caramels in arm’s reach
THE MOOD: Extravagant cream on top of my great day please
EXPERIENCE: Savor a peaceful holiday moment in total pleasure. The skin is prepped with a caramel, whipped coffee polish exfoliation that tightens the skin and leaves it deliciously smooth. Take a deep breath - and hold - as a rich, dark chocolate softening mask is painted over you before you’re cocooned in with a hot butter brulee whole milk wrap – skin is softened and moisturized. Finish with a warm Sweet Cream Body Milk massage. May the rest of your day be merry and bright!
FarmHouse Fresh Mint Chocolate Mistle-Toes
Spa Pedi/Mani
BEST ENJOYED: Dripping with holiday spirit
THE MOOD: Kisses upon kisses of mint-chocolate goodness
EXPERIENCE: Deck your heels in holiday delight! This delicious pedicure begins with a thick Butter Brulee Soak. Next, feet and legs are smoothed and exfoliated with fine grain sweet cream salt scrub, making dry winter skin soft to the touch. Then, you’ll be painted in a hot chocolate mask that’s loaded with nourishing vitamins and CoQ10 – a powerful antioxidant. A final massage with a minty shea butter leaves toes feeling fresh and invigorated. After a primp and polish, you’ll jingle all the way home!
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