Eyelash Certified. There's a new "lasher" in the house!
Due to the popularity of lash enhancement services, we decided we wanted to add another eyelash technician.

Liz recently completed her certification as a Lavish Lashes Classic Lash Technician. We felt that, given her background as an esthetician, she would be the perfect candidate for lashing, and we were right! Kariann, our senior lash artist, was Liz's model for her training. She did amazing!

As Liz continues to train under Kariann, and our other lash technicians, we will be offering a special price for only four new lash clients who would like to have this service at an amazing price. You will need to commit to three (3) follow-up lash fill appointments with Liz every 3 weeks to receive this offer.
Regularly $275 Training Special Offer $150

Contact the salon for more information and to grab this deal!
New Hair Extensions web-page!
Elle Salon has dedicated a great deal of research and education in the area of hair extensions. As a result, we are a premier hair extension salon and one of the few in our area providing services such as Hand-tied hair extensions.

We've added a new hair extensions web page to include all the information and pricing for the various types of hair extensions our staff is certified in.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #ElleSalonLTDhairextensions on Instagram to see all the LATEST before and after transformations!
It's Time for Back to School Hair Appointments
Make sure you contact us soon to schedule your back-to-school haircut. Our appointment book is filling up fast.

Don't forget, you can schedule your cut through the Online Booking button on our website available 24/7!
Summer Dermascope Treatment
We want to remind you that we offer scalp evaluations with Dermascope FREE.

This non-invasive tool (pictured on the right) helps us diagnose dandruff and sebum issues, which block the normal oxygenation of the hair and can also cause hair thinning. This process is combined with one of our recommended Oway scalp treatments and take home products. Mian Clark The treatments are about $30 each and many clients require more than one treatment.

After the treatment, and continued use of our recommended shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments, clients have experienced a decrease in hair loss and have better results with hair products because their scalp is in a healthier state.

Speak to your hair stylist if you have questions about hair loss or are concerned about the health of your scalp.
Dermaplanning Services
See the benefits of Dermaplaning right away!
Dermaplaning is the process of "shaving off", or exfoliating, dead skin cells and the peach fuzz facial hair so that facial products can be delivered into the skin. There is no cutting involved. Dermaplaning is best combined with facial services and is designed for clients ages 30 and over.

Did you know dermaplaning devotees herald a long list of gorgeous skin benefits? Yes, there is the exfoliation factor and removal of unwanted hair. However, dermaplaning also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increases skincare product absorption, and makes makeup application smoother and easier. We've been getting great feedback from the clients who have tried it so far!

Women with darker hair on their face could see an instant improvement in skin brightness with dermaplaning. Removal of vellus hair, or peach fuzz, also helps to reduce the occurrence of acne, because bacteria and oils won’t get trapped on the skin’s surface.

Contact us to schedule your dermaplaning/facial service!
Schedule with Liz this month for an Osmosis facial treatment & dermaplaning service combo and you will receive a FREE Lightstim LED light therapy service this month only. ($30 Value)

LED Light Therapy is a light treatment that can be used to stimulate collagen production (reducing fine lines and wrinkles) and kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin, improving skin clarity—with no pain and no downtime. This is a perfect add on service after facials and/or dermaplaning. Click here to read more!
Why clients LOVE Nail Dips
One year later and
Nail Dipping is a huge success at Elle Salon!
So here are a few reasons why clients are loving Nail Dipping:
  1. The dip treatment provides a thicker level of protection to natural nails and can last up to three weeks.
  2. Dipped nails don't require UV/LED lights to cure.
  3. Clients who have had issues with their nails becoming too dry and brittle with gel polishes prefer this process because it doesn't seem to dry their nails out.
The new KiaraSky colors are here!

  1. Exposed
  2. Smitten
  3. Echo
  4. Amulet
  5. Tickled Pink
  6. Plum It Up
  7. Skies the Limit
  8. After the Reign
  9. Ice for You
  10. Fanciful Muse
New CND & Shellac Fall Colors:
Treasured Moments Collection
You will love Secret Diary, Baby Smiles, Cap & Gown, B-Day Candle & First Love.
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