Natural Nail Treatments

Manicure $25
Spa Manicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (fingers)
Spa Pedicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (toes)
Mini Pedicure
FHF or Eco-fin Hand Treatment
FHF or Eco-fin Foot Treatment
French Polish - additional
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Elle Salon Nail Art


Soak Off Only
French Polish - $5 additional
Nail Art(per nail)
$5 and up

Nail Dip

Nail Dip
Nail Dip & Soak Off $47
Nail Dip French $42
Nail Dip French and Soak Off $50
Nail Dip Soak Off Only $15
Nail Art (per nail) $5 and up


Acrylic/Gel Nail Enhancements

Full Set of Pink and White
Full Set Gel or Acrylic
Pink and White Fill
Overlay Gel or Acrylic
Fill Gel or Acrylic
Soak Off
Buff and Polish


Spring Spa Pedi and Mani



11/2 hours $65.00 Pedicure
1 hour $37.00 Manicure



BEST ENJOYED: For a little fun and a lot of relaxation
THE MOOD: With a lime please
EXPERIENCE: The festivities begin with rich, creamy Nectar Milk Bath that brings soothness to upset skin and reduces inflamation and swelling.  With Sweet Almond Oil, you'll feel perfectly soft. Next, sugar,
vodka, and watermelon and basil oils combine to exfoliate skin
smooth with a juicy, mouthwatering finish. Followed by a warm citrus vitamin oil wrap that includes antioxidant-rich grape seed and olive fruit oils. Next, your Gingerita treatment is
topped with a silky Ginger Sorbet lotion massage that leaves you
limber and feeling light on your feet!

"Eco-fin Treatment available at Elle Salon!

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure with an addition of our Eco-fin treatment. This is truly a healthy, nourishing hand/foot treatment because it is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. No petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances!