Natural Nail Treatments

Manicure $25
Spa Manicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (fingers)
Spa Pedicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (toes)
Mini Pedicure
FHF or Eco-fin Hand Treatment
FHF or Eco-fin Foot Treatment
French Polish - additional
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Elle Salon Nail Art


Soak Off Only
French Polish - $5 additional
Nail Art(per nail)
$5 and up

Nail Dip

Nail Dip
Nail Dip & Soak Off $47
Nail Dip French $42
Nail Dip French and Soak Off $50
Nail Dip Soak Off Only $15
Nail Art (per nail) $5 and up


Acrylic/Gel Nail Enhancements

Full Set of Pink and White
Full Set Gel or Acrylic
Pink and White Fill
Overlay Gel or Acrylic
Fill Gel or Acrylic
Soak Off
Buff and Polish


February Spa Pedi and Mani (two options)

1 1/2 hours $65.00 Pedi


1 hour $37.00 Mani


BEST ENJOYED: Stealing kisses from you
THE MOOD: Red hot renewal
EXPERIENCE: Swoon into a spicy-sweet cinnamon soak as skin is
nourished and warmed by grapeseed, olive fruit and orange peel oils.
Then, an organic shea butter sugar scrub – you’ll fall madly in love if
you’re not careful – transforms rough skin into baby-soft newness.
You’ll be painted in an antioxidant-packed CoQ10 cocoa treat – with
a devilishly decadent chocolate softening mask. A white coconut and
pineapple scented shea and cocoa butter massage fi nish leaves you in
truly delightful relaxation bliss.


1 1/2 hours $65.00 Pedi


1 hour $37.00 Mani


BEST ENJOYED: Taking in this heavenly quadruple-layer delight
THE MOOD: Cupid, let your arrow fly!
EXPERIENCE: This cinammon-sweet, and butterscotch-caramel cocktail
treatment includes a relaxing soak in Red Hot Sparkling oil made with
grapeseed and olive fruit oils for an antioxidant treat that moisturizes
and soothes winter feet. Next, a Butter Rum brown sugar scrub
polishes rough skin leaving a smooth revitalized surface. Then, a hot
honey glaze drizzle and wrap seals in aloe, honey and live papaya fruit
cells to provide deep hydration. When rinsed, prepare to be dolloped--
a warm citrus-vanilla whipped Shea Butter brings an uplifting kick to
this LOVE-ly treatment.






"Eco-fin Treatment available at Elle Salon!

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure with an addition of our Eco-fin treatment. This is truly a healthy, nourishing hand/foot treatment because it is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. No petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances!