Hello Sweet September!
Offering a Classic Lash Special by Kimmy

Last month Kimmy became Classic Lash certified and is being mentored by a few of our other lash technicians. We are excited to have Kimmy join our team of lashers! So, we are offering a classic lash special in September/October-- a full set of Classic Lashes by Kimmy for $150. This special is available to new lash clients only, and the client will need to come back for two fill appointments to receive this special initial price. 
Check out these before and after classic lashes! WHOA!!
New Cloud-based Salon Software Coming Soon!
We've put rolling out the new Meevo2 salon software on hold because of COVID, but we're now planning to upgrade to this cloud based system sometime in September, or early October. The upgrade will include many great new tools for our business. However, it might take us a little bit of time to get used to these new enhancements, so please be patient with us when booking your appointments during this time of transition! Thank you!
Introducing Our Fall Spa Manis & Pedis -- enjoy either of these from September through November!
Farmhouse Fresh Cider Moon Spa Mani or Pedi
BEST ENJOYED: In great spirits
THE MOOD: A tall pour of relaxation
EXPERIENCE: Relax in a bubbly soak robust with notes of sweet harvested apples – as feet & hands are cleansed and nourished, while tensions melt away. A spiked polish blended with Georgia grown muscadine grapes and spirited Texas moonshine removes dead, dry skin. Finish with a passion fruit-steeped, coconut milk lotion massage kissed with a dash of spiced sunflower seed oil that deeply nourishes and leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed!
Farmhouse Fresh Wine Poached Pear - Stress Reduction Pedi
BEST ENJOYED: When a good long soak is in order
THE MOOD: Give me your finest
EXPERIENCE: Delight in this rejuvenating treatment that includes fruit, brandy, and wine! Feel your worries drift away with a refreshing Citrus Cilantro Antioxidant Oil Soak that awakens and refreshes your senses with the scent of fresh snipped cilantro. Next, a sea salt and pear-infused brandy body polish takes skin from gloomy to glorious, leaving you awash in ripe pear notes and glistening softness. A potent antioxidant Wine Down Serum loaded with resveratrol from winery grapes is painted over you, rich with restorative fruit and vegetable compounds that help skin reverse free radical damage. Finally, you’ll rediscover your enchantment for life with a Maypop Steeped Milk application, with all natural passion fruit notes for an uplifting finish.
New and Returning Products
NEW!! CND 2020 Autumn Addict Collection Coming this Fall!
This new CND Gel and Vinylux collection is a juicy harvest of succulent shades like:

  • Pacific Rose
  • Gala Girl
  • Sweet Cider
  • Fuji Love
  • Cherry Apple
  • Crisp Green

Check out the video!
Returning Farmhouse products!

Farmhouse Fresh: Muscadine Moonshine Liquor Infused Body Polish
Back by popular demand: This mouthwatering Muscadine Moonshine body polish is crafted with succulent Georgia muscadine grapes, sea salt harvested from U.S. shores, and Fitch's Goat Moonshine – an Austin, Texas, small batch corn distilled cocktail – with a smooth finish of butter and berries.

It creates a juicy, rich cleansing experience that stimulates your skin's renewal – leaving you soft and deliciously fragrant. Yum!
Farmhouse Fresh:Maypop Steeped Milk Lotion
This dreamy hydrator is as enchanting as it is moisturizing. Its delightful "effervescent passion fruit" aroma is worth swooning over! It's such an uplifting scent.

This lotion is created by slow-steeping U.S. grown passion fruit pulp into creamy organic coconut milk. This freshly steeped milk is then blended into the lotion, making an infused, feathery lotion with softness you'll truly enjoy. FHF Steeped Milk Lotions are a thicker consistency and are velvety smooth.
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