Natural Nail Treatments

Manicure $28
Spa Manicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (fingers)
Spa Pedicure with FHF or Eco-fin
Polish Change (toes)
FHF or Eco-fin Hand Treatment
FHF or Eco-fin Foot Treatment
French Polish - additional
Nail Art $5 per nail
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Soak Off Only
French Polish - $8 additional
Nail Art(per nail)
$5 and up


 Elle Salon Nail Art




Nail Dip

Nail Dip
Nail Dip & Soak Off $50
Nail Dip French $58
Nail Dip French and Soak Off $63
Nail Dip Soak Off Only $20
Nail Art (per nail) $5 and up
Nail tips $5 per nail



Nail Enhancements

CND Plexigel System (Gel) Full Set Overlay (no extension)
Plexigel + Shellac $60
Soak Off Plexigel
$20-$30 (based on time)
French Polish $5
Nail Art(per nail) $5 and up










Valentine Spa FHF Pedi/Mani






11/2 hours $68.00 Pedicure
1 hour $40.00 Manicure


EXPERIENCE: A soothing soak with coconut milk and chicory
root greets tired hands and soles! Next, a certified organic
scrub gently exfoliates with micro sugar crystals, so a vitamin
C-rich mask we call Mighty Brighty™ can really work its magic!
This masking blend is made with bentonite & kaolin clays so
skin is not only illuminated but purified too! Seal in the glow
with a creamy organic cucumber extract shea butter—made to
replenish skin with vitamin C!



11/2 hours $68.00 Pedicure
1 hour $40.00 Manicure



BEST ENJOYED: With a sunny spirit
THE MOOD: Embrace your spring fever
EXPERIENCE: Prepare your senses for a mouthwatering journey! Skin
is enveloped in antioxidants with a Sparkling Citrus-Cilantro soak. Next,
you’re polished to perfection with a fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini
Sugar Scrub infused with Square One Organic Vodka.  Then, a vitamin
C-rich mask called Mighty Brighty™ will be slathered on and wrapped with a warm towel.  
Relax with a juicy grand finale vitamin-rich whipped Shea butter massage swirled with live Strawberry fruit cells. This mani-pedi is the freshest slice of the season!













"Eco-fin Treatment available at Elle Salon!

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure with an addition of our Eco-fin treatment. This is truly a healthy, nourishing hand/foot treatment because it is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. No petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances!