Salon Reminders!
Sorry for the delay in our monthly newsletter! We were focusing on taking great care of our staff and clients during this reopening time. Everyone in the Elle Salon Family wants to Welcome You Back! It's been great to see our "salon family" again after a long hiatus. It has been wonderful and we are getting used to our "new" normal!
We are asking our newsletter readers to please read this newsletter in it's entirely as a few Covid-19 guidelines have changed.

If you are in need of an appointment, you may either call us personally or send us a text through our salon phone number at 717-737-3553. We will need your first & last name, stylist(s) requested, and the service(s) you are requesting. We will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.

Curbside Check-in: Our waiting area is closed temporarily. We ask that you call or text our salon number when you arrive and are parked in our parking lot. The number to call or text is the salon phone number at 717-737-3553 (text is preferred). Do not text back our confirmation text that we send out as a reminder of your appointment! Our front desk staff will text you when you can enter the Salon for your appointment. Please do not enter the Salon until we respond to your text.

PLEASE BE ON TIME...EVEN IF WE RUN LATE! If we are running late, it's because we are working to clean & sanitize, which is what we do after each client leaves. No one can arrive early, because we have to make sure that the person scheduled ahead of you is out of the building before you can come in.

Please remember that clients cannot bring anyone with them to their appointment. It can only be the person scheduled for a service in the salon. Families coming in for haircuts may not enter as a group. Children age 10+ must enter the salon alone. (This will be excused for young children who cannot be alone during a haircut). Our elderly clients, or clients with health issues may be assisted into the salon, but their helpers need to return to their car to wait for them.
Reminders: What you need to do as a client

Please do not come to the salon if you are sick or have a cold. We will ask you questions related to COVID-19 symptoms when you arrive at the salon before your appointment with your stylist.

Please understand that, in order to protect our staff and other clients, we have the right to refuse to provide services to anyone exhibiting symptoms. We have the right to take temperatures.

Hand Sanitize and Masks: All clients will be required to use our hand sanitizing station in the hallway prior to entering the Salon and before any nail services. Anyone over the age of 2 must bring, and wear, a mask during salon services.
Staff Precautions:

We will wear masks during your entire visit and during all services. Stylists will wear gloves for color and possibly haircuts too (always sanitizing our hands before and after). Our close contact providers MAY wear a face shield/goggles in addition to their mandatory mask for eyelash services and manicure and pedicure treatments. We have large protective shields at the front desk and manicuring tables to keep any possible germs from spreading.

We are not able to provide dermaplane or facial waxing services (lips, chin, etc.), except for brows and body waxing.

Payment for Services/Tipping: We ask that you pay for your services and products using a credit card only so as to eliminate cash transfer at the front desk. However, the staff would be very appreciative that, if you tip them in cash, you would put it in an envelope with their name on it. We will have envelopes available at the front desk if you forget yours. If this is not possible, then we will gladly add the tip to your charges as normal. If you need to purchase products in the salon, we request that you do not handle or touch products on our display shelves. Ask our receptionist to help you. She will get the product you need at checkout.

Going forward, we will post Covid policy updates on our website Trending Page.

Thanks for your continued support and patience during these unusual circumstances and stay well!
Be sure to check out Facebook and Instagram for SO many beautiful hair coloring, balayage and hair extension applications our staff have completed recently. #Gorgeous
Volume Certified!
Jess spent an afternoon recently with our trainer Kate at Outlash in Westchester, PA and began whipping out gorgeous volume lashes! Elle Salon is excited to have another volume lasher in the house!
Classic Certified!
Kimmy is now Classic Lash certified from our lash trainer Kate at OutLash in Westchester, PA! We are so excited to have Kimmy join our team of lashers! She will have amazing mentoring from our already very talented lashing team! Special pricing coming soon!
Elle Salon is Known For Our Hair Extensions!
Our Hand-tied Extension services are booming! Our talented hair extension stylists are very busy integrating beautiful wefts of hair into the clients natural hair. This service provides clients with longer/fuller hair and is comfortable to wear up to 10+ weeks! Custom coloring can be done to blend the weft and the natural hair together seamlessly. If your are interested in this type of service, call for a free consultation! 717-737-3553.

ROOTS Contest Winner!
The "best" ROOTS win! Our client winner with the best roots is...
Kathy Costabile! Kathy is the winner of a free conditioning treatment and a regular shampoo and conditioner of her choice (and bragging rights!) Congratulations Kathy!

Runners-up will receive a $10 gift card to our favorite local coffee shop, Cornerstone Coffeehouse!
Congratulations to: Barb Moody, Judy Chandler-Lista, Ashley Demaro, Theresa Chwasciewski, and Laura Persun.

We really appreciate everyone who waited for us and participated in our Covid-19 root contest!
Save Your Skin With Sunless Tanning!
Heading to the beach or pool? We've got you covered with a beautiful bronzed healthy tan that will last for 7-10 days with proper care! Tanning packages available! Please click the link below for more information!

Spa Manicure and Pedicure!
We are still offering our Honey-pear Sea Salt spa pedicure and manicure for Summer! Our Fall Pedicure will be coming in September so soak up as much as you can of this wonderful scent before it is gone!

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